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Back On Track Addiction Services
Michael Oliver 1981-2018
Michael's Story

Michael was a character with a larger-than-life personality. He was a son, a brother and a father as well as a friend to many. What those who knew him best miss the most are his laugh, his stories and his crazy ideas! He loved reading, music and playing the guitar, but his greatest accomplishment by far was his son, Gavin, who made him very proud. 

Michael was bright and talented, often a care-free and fun-loving guy, but he had bouts with anger, depression and sadness too. That's where the addiction came in, and over-time, the whole family suffered as they helplessly watched his decline until the fateful day when he overdosed. Now the whole family plays a variety of roles at the store or ministry helping those in need as a tribute to his life and his memory.

Lynette Oliver
Our History

Inspired by the loss of her son, Michael Oliver, at age 36 and with the encouragement of friends, Back On Track Addiction Ministry was founded in July 2020 by Lynette Oliver, in an effort to reach out to those affected by addiction. As a plan to help fund the ministry, the resale shop was opened to support the cause. Negotiations were successfully made to rent a large commercial strip mall, making the store and ministry a successful operation ever since. In addition, we receive financial donations and offers for help that come in miraculously as needed.

The ministry assists people with Detox, Rehabilitation and Transitional Housing. We also provide education, spiritual guidance and support groups for those in sobriety and their family members. A food pantry and services to the homeless are also offered.

​"It has proven to be both a challenging and rewarding experience, making life changing differences for other people and their families."
- Lynette and Larry Oliver

Gavin, Michael's Son

As of December 31st, 623 people received addiction recovery treatment in 2023.

What is it like to be hopelessly addicted?

Testimony of CRC:

"My addiction took my life into a world filled with darkness, pain, violence, and death. Throughout this time, your thrift store and ministry showed and gave me more care and compassion beyond what I deserved. Year after year, I hid from the world and exiled myself into a prison that I made myself and ironically called it freedom. Drugs took me further into chaos than I ever wanted to go, and I thought that was the only way I could survive..."

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Stories from our clients:

"I battled for over 5 years with a meth addiciton. I lost everything I had before I surrendered my life to Christ. He as restored everything I lost and more. By His grace, I'm 3 years sober!"

Aaron S.

"My addiction always came first. God, family and friends fell away. This world led me to believe that I would never be healed. Jesus is the only reason I have a brand-new life today. Matthew 8:17- He himself took our weaknesses & infirmities & bore away our diseases."

Jen R.

"I was lost, homeless, pregnant and addicted to fentanyl, going nowhere, but in & out of jail. I lost everyone and everything, until I found God in 2021, had my baby girl and got sober. After 5 years in addiction, I'm now over a year sober and continuing my walk with God every day!"

Ayla L.

"I lost everything I had while in my addiction, but I found God and gave him my life. Now he has blessed me with more than I could ever imagine! I owe God all the Glory! 3 years sober."

Ashley S.

"For years I suffered in silence. I didn't understand how to help my son or myself. Family support has saved me. I learned about the disease, enabling, boundaries, coping skills and that God can use this for His purposes and for His good."




Our Mission

To provide no cost care, education and religious guidance to those suffering from addiction related issues, their families and to the homeless of our community

We invite the addicted and homeless to a better life:

  • We offer food, personal hygiene products and clothing
  • We offer classes and programs to show the way to a better life
  • We offer acceptance and understanding without comdenation

When the time is right we offer a way out:

  • We pay fees and provide transportation to detox and rehabiliation programs
  • We pay the cost of health insurance for the addicted with mental health issues or suffering from trama and place them in mental health programs
  • We advocate services for legal issues and work with probation officers, social workers and family services

When they return we provide support:

  • We help find transitional housing
  • We offer classes to support family life, leadership, recovery support groups, teen support groups and Bible studies
  • We help with food and clothing to help them re-start

We support this through your financial donations and support of our resale store.



Our resale store is full treasures donated and purchased by people with a heart for those lost in addiction and homelessness. Whether it is the vet who can't settle into civilian life, the teen running from an abusive home, the homeless who made too many wrong decisions, Back on Track offers support services to restore their lives, self-worth and their relationship to God. 

You can be part of the miracles that turn people from dispair to community with support. Your donation and purchases are the major funding that brings compassion and services to the streets. Services that offer, when they are ready, a way off the street and into a better life.

So have some fun and visit the shop to find a bargain or two and help restore a life today!

Back on Track Resale Shop & Addiction Ministry
1900 Spartanburg Hwy
Hendersonville, NC 28792
PH: 828.595.9091

Back on Track offers valuable services to our community and is always looking for caring, dedicated individuals to volunteer. By volunteering for Back on Track, you can help create a safe space for those who are affected by substance addiction to look to for support. 

Back on Track Ministries

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Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm

Monday-Saturday, 9am-4am


Back on Track Addiction Ministry is a 501c3 charity. We fund our services through financial donations and the sales from our resale store. We accept donations of clothes, housewares, furniture, jewelry, collectables, antiques & more. We are an independent organization serving Henderson County, NC and beyond and not affiliated with any government, church or religious organizations.

Visit Us:

Back on Track Resale Shop & Addiction Ministry
1900 Spartanburg Hwy
Hendersonville, NC 28792

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